I miss you.

Thank you to the more than 500 guests that attended my 14th Annual Christmas Concert.

We had such a great time this year!

You Just Can’t Wait

Till Next Year!

Believe Me!

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Awesome Tenor Sax Player,

David “Just Dave” Millen


The Aweome DAVID PRATT on Vocals

The Fantabulous FRANK RESTIFO on Guitar

The Talented ALANNA RESTIFO on Violin & Viola

The Extraordinary PETE POLITIS on Drums & Rhythm


When we lost our precious mom in October, 2016, I could barely stand up let alone think about singing and putting on a concert. It was out of the question. My world was surrounded by the darkest of dark and there was no getting up. But the Lord showed me a pinhole of light and He told me to follow it.

My family and friends, fans and parishoners enveloped me in comfort to make sure I put on the concert. My one condition was that “I Sing for Mom”.  Somehow, I did it.

I performed all of mom’s favorite songs that were sung over the past 12 years and I played the video of our duet, “O Holy Night,” and it turned out to be one amazing evening of love, of spirit, of unity through all.

On the stage I placed a framed photo of mom and dad on their wedding day, and a rosary that has been in the family for many years. I believe that photo represents exactly who they are today.

They were the best of friends - and now they are together in happiness in front of the Lord.

I placed a beautifully wrapped box that my sister had made on the stage. People from all around the city came to put a photo of someone they’ve lost into the Prayer Box. Some put in Cards and Letters, Notes and Momentos, and some just wrote a special name on a piece of torn paper.

After the concert, the Prayer Box was placed in our Adoration Chapel where all these loved ones were lifted in front of the Lord all season long in 24-Hour Prayer. The Prayer Box was then emptied with the Palms from Palm Sunday and were lifted in smoke to the heavens.

All of these beautiful memories became part of the Ashes used on Ash Wednesday for the beginning of the Eastern Season.

This Year we will do it again as our new tradition.

So please, bring a photo, a card, a letter, a memory, or a special name written on paper to place in the Christmas Prayer Box at the concert.

There’s nothing more important and more joyous than being lifted in front of our Lord.

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